Rural Business Grant Opportunity



Project description:

Develop and test a pilot program to expand international trade opportunities and markets for companies in rural communities in Kansas. Four key objectives are deemed important for successful implementation including:

1. Deliver international technical assistance to existing rural entrepreneurs and managers to develop trade opportunities for net corporate growth resulting in improvements in quality of economic activities.

2. Train existing state and community leaders to identify export-ready companies and those with potential for trade growth, provide basic referrals to and assistance from available resources at state and federal levels, and market their communities to international markets for foreign direct investment.

3. Work with existing state and community leadership to conceptualize local outlets for delivery of international technical assistance and training using technology and human resources. A trade center or insertion of trade assistance in an existing business center would be considered.

4. Build sustainability, long term application and replication infrastructure.

• Time frame: Jan 2013 – Dec 2014
• Total Grant Funds: $50,000
• Company contribution for each trade services project: 57.5% of total cost

Counties Include:

  • Barton
  • Butler
  • Cowley
  • Harvey
  • McPherson
  • Montgomery
  • Osborne
  • Rawlins

Examples of assistance include:
• Research and consultation for global market expansion (exporting)
• Identification of global supply chain efficiencies (cost reduction)
• Training and education



International Trade Information Services

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Advances in technology have provided for greater efficiencies in business as well as greater access to online resources and information. Yet, staying abreast of current news, regulations, and opportunities regarding international trade can be a time-consuming task. With so many available resources, the search for correct and accurate information online can be problematic. Located on the Kansas Global website, IntelliPORT leverages technology to provide a customizable tool that assists in the search and retrieval of international trade information. All trade information provided by IntelliPORT is reviewed and selected by Kansas Global professionals to ensure quality and value.

Consultation & Research
Navigating through the maze of international regulations and markets can be difficult. As experts in international business, we understand this challenge and want to help your business succeed in the international marketplace. Our consultation & research services will provide you with a customized solution to best meet your needs.

Kansas Global strives to stay at the forefront of international trade issues, focusing on key industry areas vital to the Kansas economy and providing timely information to ensure you are informed. We understand the importance of ensuring our government leaders stay abreast of trade issues affecting Kansas companies and implement effective trade advocacy on behalf of the local trade community.

Education & Training
Conducting international business requires knowledge of process and culture. Education & training is imperative for international business, as it alleviate risks and provides assurance and security. Our goal is to provide the trade community with useful tools and information that may assist in their transactions and overall international strategy.

Developing and managing trade compliance programs require a comprehensive array of systems, tactics and contacts. Kansas Global offers various services to assist you in developing and managing your trade compliance programs, from assessments & customized counseling to tools & support services. Our comprehensive approach to trade - from trade advocacy to training & education - allows us to offer more cost effective and efficient compliance services to you.

Introducing domestic products and services to the international marketplace creates numerous challenges. One such challenge is overcoming the language barrier between individuals of different countries. Internal documentation and marketing communication translation ensures you get your message across right the first time. Speaking the language of your business partner demonstrates your cultural acceptance and knowledge, increasing your likelihood for success. Our translation services will assist your business to overcome the language barrier.

                                                                                                                                                       Global Credit Reports
Trust across borders. Ensure your partners overseas are who they say they are. Global credit reports can reduce your liability and offer peace of mind when finalizing transactions. We use prominent local agencies in the country requested in order to receive the most reliable information.

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