International Trade Consult & Research

Providing Customized Solutions for Your Business

Navigating through the maze of international regulations and markets can be difficult. As experts in international business, we understand this challenge and want to help your business succeed in the international marketplace. Our consultation & research services will provide you with a customized solution to best meet your needs.

Need assistance with importing your product? Kansas Global offers assistance in HTSUS product classification, supplier research, documentation requirements, and more.

Need assistance with exporting your product? Kansas Global offers assistance in product classification, patent & trademark information, labeling and marking requirements, and more.

Country & Location Research
Looking for more detailed information on a specific country or region? Kansas Global can provide in depth economic, political and commercial information on your country of choice. Through our extensive network, we have access to sources that provide detailed accurate information straight from the country itself. Hard copies of all information obtained may be provided to you at a minimal cost.

Customized Consultation
Are you unsure about your next steps in the international marketplace? Kansas Global provides customized services to meet your requirements. We can meet with you to discuss your international endeavors and identify ways we can assist, from identifying a new market to completing your transaction. See a sample of a final report we completed for a local customer to get a more in-depth look at what information we can provide through our consultation & research.

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