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Kansas Global Trade Services is familiar with the concerns and challenges businesses face when conducting international trade. Many of which deal with concerns regarding foreign suppliers or determining the feasibility of potential locations for facilities abroad, for example. Our services can assist with various obstacles you face when conducting international endeavors. In addition, we are in frequent contact with many foreign goverments, companies, and trade associations interested in building business relations here in Kansas. Look to us for information on upcoming opportunities for networking with these prosepective business partners.

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Kansas Global Classic Membership
Membership provides unlimited benefits for the company or individual seeking international business services and networking events. Once you join Kansas Global Trade Services, you have instant access to our news and alerts, discounted services & event admissions, global network, and more. We offer annual membership levels for every size of company- even individuals- providing options suitable for every pocketbook. Its never too late to join. Learn more about how membership with the Kansas Global Trade Services can benefit you.

Trade Advocacy
With a mission to be the first source for trade policy, regulation and legislative information for all Kansas companies, Kansas Global stands outside politics and national boundaries to facilitate free and fair trade. We act as the voice of Kansas industry, communicating concerns of Kansas companies to elected officials. We strive to stay at the forefront of issues affecting the import community so we can get the message to you in a timely manner, enabling you to take immediate action. To ensure you are receiving the most relevant information concerning your industry, sign up for IntelliPORT today. We will send you the latest alerts and information regarding importing.

HTSUS Classification Assistance
Determining the correct U.S. Harmonized Tariff Schedule number is important for efficient import of your product. Kansas Global Trade Services can assist in this determination, ensuring your transaction runs smoothly. Contact us for more information.

Supplier Research
One of the biggest challenges in importing is locating a trusted overseas supplier. Kansas Global Foreign Supplier Research Packages can assist with your search. We identify potential suppliers and through our vetting process rank them according to your requests.

General Supplier Research Packages include the following: (view more details)

  • HTSUS Classification of Product
  • Top Manufacturing Companies by Commodity
  • Top Suppliers per Country
  • Supplier Profile

In-Depth Supplier Research Packages include the following: (view more details)

  • HTSUS Classification of Product
  • Top Manufacturing Companies by Commodity
  • Top Suppliers per Country
  • Supplier Profile
  • Pre-Qualify Suppliers & Request Product Samples
  • Supplier Background & Credit Check

Global Credit Reports
Trust across borders. Ensure your partners overseas are who they say they are. Global credit reports can reduce your liability and offer peace of mind when finanlizing transactions. We use prominent local agencies in the country requested in order to recieve the most reliable information. Report lengths can range from 2-15 pages and include relevant information about your potential partners, including:

  • Line of Business
  • Branch & Subsidiary Offices
  • Principal Credit References
  • Legal Status
  • Related Businesses
  • Financial Information
  • Shareholders
  • International Activity
  • Payment History
  • Management
  • Credit Opinion
  • Banking Information
  • Corporate Information
  • Ratios & Industry Comparisons
  • Suppliers
  • Management Interview
  • Public Filings/Liens Judgments
  • Answers to Specific Questions

Cost for global credit reports varies by country. Reports are delivered about 10 days and can be expedited for a fee.

Customized Consultation & Research
Connecting with potential foreign suppliers and marketing your product abroad is crucial to international success. Knowing where to start can be difficult. We can provide insight into the international marketplace that will assist your efforts. We will connect you with the appropriate contacts to ensure your product will get noticed.

If you are unsure what your next steps should be in international, we can help. Kansas Global provides customized services to meet your requirements. We can meet with you to discuss your international endeavors and identify ways we can assist, from identifying new a new market to completing your transaction.

Dealing with foreign suppliers and partners in the international marketplace creates numerous challenges. One such challenge is overcoming the language barrier between individuals of different countries. Internal documentation and marketing communication translation ensures you get your message across right the first time. Our translation services are ISO 9000 Certified and are available for over 90 languages.

Speaking the language of your business partner demonstrates your cultural acceptance and knowledge, increasing your likelihood for success. We provide interpretation services as well as introductory foreign language training to help your further effective communication with your partners, customers, and suppliers. Our services will assist your business to overcome the language barrier.

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