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What You Need to Know to be Compliant

Export compliance begins with knowledge about your product, manufacturing process, supply chain, and export regulations. U.S. and foreign regulations must be followed for all exports.

  • First, classify your product. Review How to Identify Your Schedule B to get an initial idea. Classification can be a complex task. To learn how to classify your product properly, we recommend attending a classification workshop.
  • Learn the basics of Free Trade Agreements. Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), like NAFTA, offer advantages for the exporter.

Because export compliance is specific to each product and each country, and your compliance results in more secure national borders, more efficient delivery of goods, and in the case of FTAs advantages to you and your customer, it is important to become proficient, establish compliance management processes and risk mitigation systems, and stay abreast of this ever-changing environment.

The Kansas Global can assist in educating you on export compliance through its training seminars and through compliance evaluation tools. Contact us today for more information or assistance.

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